Monday, February 25, 2008

About Us

The global challenges of today are multidimensional and complex. The solutions that are available are intertwined and require the engagement and commitment of individuals, family, community and governments. Solomon Dawit Foundation was created (date) in memory of Solomon Dawit who was committed to assist the poor and disadvantaged Ethiopians in a manner that is respectful, sustainable and self-empowering. He was also a true environmentalist who timelessly promoted and raised awareness of individual and societal responsibility towards environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Mission Statement:

To help poor and disadvantaged people in Ethiopia reach their potential and to help others around them, in order to create and sustain a safe, productive and fulfilling community that promotes respect and integrity, innovative practices, and a sustainable environment.


To mobilize resources and to provide financial and technical assistance in the area of agriculture, education and environment in support of ‘at risk’ groups such as children, youth, women and elders and to individuals who require assistance to reach their potential, such as students and farmers.

Core Values:

  • Promote self-reliance and community development
  • Value environmental stewardship and social responsibility
  • Act with(there was one in the printed version) integrity, transparency and cultural sensitivity and inclusiveness
  • Share our knowledge and promote innovative practices through a holistic approach
  • Be Responsive and respectful to each other and to those we are committed to serve
  • Partnership with individuals , groups and organizations with whom we share core values


  • To work with vulnerable communities to increase food production as well as access to and availability of nutritious food.
  • To advance education by providing scholarship, bursaries and other assistance, as well as by providing support to educational institutions.
  • To enhance and promote environmental sustainability through the promotion of environmental conservation, restoration and rehabilitation, in order to enable vulnerable communities to be productive and resilient.
  • To provide assistance to Ethiopians that are economically and socially disadvantaged, so that they can have access to nutritious food, clean water and affordable housing.