Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Ottawa Run event completed successfully

The first Solomon Dawit Foundation (SDF) fundraising event—held on May 30, 2010—was a huge success!!  The event took the form of SDF participation in the Ottawa Race, and the Foundation is taking steps to make its participation in the Race an annual fundraising venture.

This SDF fundraiser attracted several people from all walks of life. There were the young and the old, women and men, students and professionals, people living in Canada and the US. The nature of people’s participation varied. Some volunteered to help organize the event. Some ran. Others walked. Still others made donations.

Organizers were gratified by the number of people lining Ottawa streets wearing the T-shirts the Foundation prepared specially for the event. Many who could not make it to the event in person showed their support for the Foundation by sponsoring runners or walkers or by buying T-shirts.

Even nature was generous, lending a hand for the success of the endeavour. It was such a sunny, breezy day that it beckoned participants on to the event.

With such participation, no wonder the effort raised more than $9,000. In addition, participants have also collectively paid more than $1,000 from their own pockets to register for the run. The $9,000-plus was raised through donations for the sponsorship and through the sale of the T-shirts.

The event has been captured in a series of pictures, and we will soon post them on the website. T-shirts are still available at $20 each. You may contact Kidist Tadesse at 613-884-7487 or Rahel Hailemariam at 613-733-6457 to obtain more information or to arrange purchase.

At the end of the run, the celebration continued—and SDF members and supporters considered future action—at a barbecue organized by family and friends of Solomon Dawit.

The large turnout, coupled with the amount of money raised, is a testament to the legacy of Solomon Dawit.

Those lofty ideals of respect for humanity keep ringing in the minds of those whom he served in life and left behind after his passing. This in turn attests to the fact that Solomon’s ceaseless efforts to plant seeds of love and respect in the life of every human being he touched have begun to bear fruit. It is up to us left behind to maintain that gracious legacy.

We thank all of you who partook in the event in any way and those who have pledged to continue to support the Foundation on a regular basis. For further information, please visit the website at

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