Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foundation Updates

It was a year ago since you have opened up your hearts and wallets to turn SDF’s first fundraising event into a remarkable success. Over that last year, we have been working to establish the structure of SDF, one of the initial crucial steps towards becoming a registered charity organization. In addition, SDF is actively studying various projects in the agricultural, environmental, humanitarian and educational sectors.

Projects under consideration in the agricultural and environmental sectors include seedling production, home gardening/vegetable production, poultry production and bee keeping.These activities, all designed to empower and enable the youth, are planned to be undertaken in partnership with strong local organizations like the Ethio-Organic Seed Action (EOSA), a local NGO that promotes integrated conservation, use and management of agro-biodiversity.

In the humanitarian sector, one of the initiatives being studied is the ‘Helping the Elderly’ initiative, which aims to provide a regular financial allowance to a group of elders who have otherwise no one to support them. Several initiatives are being studied in the educational sector. Two examples are the ‘Scholarships for Outstanding Girls’ initiative, which aims to provide quality education to girls with excellent academic records, and the ‘Enable our Remote High-Schools’ initiative, which provides logistical support for high-schools in remote areas.

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